St. Patty's Day Weekend

Being 1/2 Irish, there is no way I can NOT celebrate St. Patricks Day! I mean.... my maiden name is O'Connell. You can't get more Irish than that! My husband is out of town and I just got over being sick, so I decided to keep it pretty low key.

Corned Beef Sandwiches
Relaxing in the sun ☀

Did you know there are actually many benefits to drinking Guinness? Guinness is high in antioxidant compounds called flavanoids-similar to those found in red wine, tea and chocolate-that can reduce the risk of heart attack by blood clotting. Researchers at The University of Wisconsin carried out laboratory tests on dogs (irish setters to be exact) with clogged arteries, comparing the effects of Guinness with Heineken. Only those dogs fed Guinness had reduced clotting! 
Little trivia for you!

I felt the need to buy something "green" for St. Patricks Day. How cool are these tulip bulbs in water. No dirt, just water in a clear vase. I'd never seen anything like it. You just keep about an inch of water in the vase and watch them grow. I bought this yesterday with not a flower showing and look at my first tulip! Yay!

A "green" polka dot bikini for a relaxing day in the sun. How did you spend St. Patty's Day?


Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Your tulips are beautiful...

Lucent Imagery said...

I've never seen those tulips in bulbs before. Glad you had a good little celebration for yourself. Hope you're totally better after the goodness of Guinness! x