I go through stages where I do, use or wear something to death! Here are my latest obsessions!

I LOVE large platters! I recently bought this one on clearance for $8! I bought it right before my mom came to visit, because she loves stars and anything blue and white. I used it for our caprese lunches and have been using it nonstop since!

Red jeggings are all the rage right now. I'm wearing this pair from Kohls to death! 

I am currently cooking any recipe that involves sauteing garlic and onions. You cannot beat the aroma! This weekend was ground turkey soup.

Need a good book? The Happiness Project us making me happy! I am trying to read it as slowly as possible so it won't end. More on this book later!

This dainty diamond heart necklace (a gift from mom) is my new favorite necklace. It hangs right in that little place right in the center of my collarbone. L♥VE!


Ashley said...

oooo I heard the happiness project was really good. I'm going to give it a try:)

Lucent Imagery said...

I haven't heard of The Happiness Project... wonder if it's available as an e book? Totally agree with you on garlic and onions! I think those red jeggings would look amazing on you! x