Cocktail Rings

Every girl could use a little glitz and glamour in her life! An easy way to achieve it is with a simple cocktail ring. A cocktail ring is not only an important fashion accessory, but also a great conversation piece! You don't have to spend a lot of money. Forever 21 has gorgeous coctail jewels from $5-$10! 
If you choose to wear a cockail ring, keep it simple. Don't over do it with tons of jewelry. A coctail ring makes a statement on it's own.

“Back in the days of Prohibition where alcohol was illegal and flapper dresses were the newest fashion statement, the speakeasy was the place to go. Only the elite and wealthy had access to these secret parties. They would doll up in their finest and venture to underground rooms where the fashion was fabulous and the alcohol, aplenty.
Status seekers, the women would parade around showing off massive rings as they held up their illegal and oh so desirable "cocktail" of brandy. Hence, the cocktail ring! It was all about prestige."

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