Valentine's Day ♥

My husband returned from Miami Valentine's Day morning with 6 bundles of flowers! Daisies, Roses, tulips (my favorite), Lillies, and mixed flowers. He knows I like to arrange them myself and put them all over the house! For him? An all day Valentine's Day feast!

My mother in law made us these adorable matching Valentine's Day aprons (so cute)! How could I not cook?!


Red Velvet pancakes with 2 eggs over easy (his favorite) on top and heart shaped bananas!


Heart shaped pizza! I got this idea from my friend Dina. Thanks Dina! This was the first pizza I've ever made and it came out pretty good. I made his favorite. Mushrooms, onions, and cheese!


I HAD TO make lobster tails! The packaging was too cute to pass up!

I started dinner with a nice Pinot Noir and Strawberry Bruschetta (see yesterdays blog)!

Carvel ice-cream cake! Ice-cream is his favorite thing. Who can resist those crunchies???

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

How cute, love all the heart-shaped foods! I'm sure Mike enjoyed it! :)
You have to clue me in on how to make those red velvet pancakes, they look delicious! Red Velvet is my favorite!!
Btw, the aprons are very cute! - Karina

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

You are so festive, I am so impressed with how you have incorporated hearts and Valentine's Day into everything!

Lea said...

Thanks girls. It was fun to plan! ♥

Ashley said...

I love Carvel ice cream! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!!