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I am on a constant "QUEST" to find a hair product that will magically turn dry damaged hair into a luxurious mane of silk! 
Even if your hair is in good shape, when you go blond, it is inevitable that you will end up with a head full of dryness. The reason? When coloring hair dark, color is deposited onto your hair, but when going light, bleach is used to actually lift the pigment from your hair! The result is dry porous locks. Ahhhhh, what we do to look beautiful! 
Well, that along with some good old Florida humidity and I'm kinda screwed!

Now,  I've tried it all people! Conditioning creams, serums, leave in conditioners, cheap and expensive, you name it, I've tried it! So, when MOROCCANOIL came on the market, I needed to see what all the HYPE was about. I opted for the .85 FL. Oz bottle, for $12. That way, if it wasn't "Magic in a bottle,"  I'm not out $40. for the 3.4 Oz.

I decided to use Moroccanoil 3 times before I formed my opinion. Honestly?......  I didn't see ANY difference in my hair. I REALLY wanted it to work, but take it from me, you can get the same results from any cheap hair serum. Many people comment on how much they love the smell, but I really don't care what it smells like if it doesn't do anything for my hair! I personally prefer the Fekkaii Color-Protecting Glaze. It leaves my hair much softer and shinier, smells great AND protects color treated hair. It's about $23. for 4.2 FL. Oz, but goes a long way!
Sorry girls! Save your Benjamins!
If you want your hair to look fabulous on a Friday night out, this is not a miracle product. In my opinion you're just paying for the name!
Have a GREAT weekend!

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Lucent Imagery said...

Sorry it didn't work out for you. Agh, I'm doing product testing in my bathroom too for my allergies etc. I'm allergic to sunscreen on my face! Anyway, I used to use Argan Oil when my hair was dramatically bleached in 2010. (Argan Oil is essentially the same as Moroccan Oil I believe, just different brands). I found it good if I didn't put too much in my wet hair and blow dried it. It made it softer and more manageable. But a friend of mine who is a makeup artist said that Moroccan Oil doesn't have anything to protect your hair from heat damage. So if that is so, it's essentially going to create a circle of battles and only be a short term fix I think. I hope you find something. I am now growing my hair out naturally and just use some random serum on the bleached ends to flatten the cuticles before letting it dry or giving a quick blow dry. That is working well for me.