Layer 'em Up

Photo: L. Andrew

I LOVE the look of layered bracelets. My grandmother used to have an arm full (about 20) of sterling silver bracelets that clanked every time she made a move. I can still hear them to this day! My mother has since taken over this trend.
I have so many special bracelets, that I decided to mix and match a few of my favorites to display an armful myself! There are definitely bracelets that can stand alone, but wearing a bunch together on one arm adds a bit of "Boho Chic" and is also a great conversation piece!

-My mom bought me this etched brown leather bracelet at a cool flea market.
-I LOVE this silver and white clover bracelet I purchased at Brighton with a gift certificate!
-This silver Brighton with a tiny butterfly was a birthday gift from 3 of my favorite women.
-The gold bangle with the tiny crystal was another gift from mom. 
-Can you believe my mom was going to throw away this David Yurman? Crazy! I took it off her hands. ( :
-And last but certainly not least, my moms sorority bracelet. I mean.... how cool is that?

What special bracelets do you have to layer? 


Ashley said...

Love the brown leather from your mom and the look of all together. Awesome!

Ashley said...

Pretty much obsessed with these pairings! Your mom was going to throw that Yurman away?! Good thing you saved it! :)

Halle said...

looks amazing! all of them are gorg.


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Lea said...

Thanks GIRLS! ( :

Jony Gibson said...

These bracelets are very charming especially with a tattoo on wrist.. I just loved it.

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