La-La-La- Leopard

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a nice leopard print! My husband has the coolest leopard and red Rat Pack themed recording studio. Gotta admit...... it's pretty amazing!
But, when choosing leopard to wear, I think "Less is more!" I mean..... you don't want to actually look like a leopard!
Instead, opt for a simple belt, scarf, or even a pair of leopard flats. They are completey "IN" right now.

Cozy and cool leopard scarf from my Mother-inlaw. Thanks Ginny!

My new "GRAY" purse has the perfect peep of leopard lining!

Leopard Bronzer from Azaria Cosmetics.

How about a leopard make-up bag?

So, add a little leopard into your life. Just not too much! ( :


Michelle Buettner said...

LOVE your purse!

Lucent Imagery said...

I love your scarf! I have brought the animal into my wardrobe via scarves as well. At the South African dinner party, my mother in law wore these awesome harem style cheetah printed pants. I asked her if they could be mine afterwards, so now I have this comfy pair for at home.

Lea said...

Thanks girls! It's fun to add a little leopard. Harem style cheetah pants? AWESOME!
Oh, and the purse is Steve Madden. $40. at TJMaxx! Score!