Friday Cinq

(Showgirl costumes that I am building from scratch)

Our renovation has FINALLY come to a close! So exciting! All that's left, is picking out a new mattress (we are finally getting a KING), and some art. Pic's coming soon! 
Hope everyone had a nice week. Mine was busy and scattered with a million different projects, but I wouldn't have it any other way. From building showgirl costumes to picking out carpet my life is certainly never dull!  

(Built in bookcase my husband built for my spiritual books)

(my 1st purchase from GROUPON! Swarovski crystal earrings. LOVE!)

(Carpet swatches)

(INSTYLE with my favorite girl on the cover, waiting to be read)

Have a great weekend!


Lucent Imagery said...

i love jen too! and her classic fashion off screen. glad you've had another busy but productive week my dear!

Lea said...

Right? She's my idol. Natural, fun REAL! Love her!