thx thx thx

Every once in a while I discover a special little something that I buy 10 of, and give to people just because I think it's so great! This year thx thx thx, thank goodness for everything is that special something!

Leah Dieterich (author) decided to write thank you notes for the things she was grateful for in that moment, right then and there! She wrote letters to these things, no matter how small or odd they were, and saved them in a little box.
She decided to show them to a friend, who read them and said,"You need to show these to more people."
So, Leah decided to put them on the internet and when people saw them, they told her the notes made them think about things they were grateful for in their own lives.
This book is the collection of all of Leah's notes! You MUST get this book. It will make you smile and even laugh out loud at times. Whenever I am feeling stressed and frustrated I pull out this book, shut my eyes and pick a page to read. It makes my whole day!


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