Simple Christmas Decor

 I've been so swamped with work that I still haven't decorated my house for Christmas! To be honest, Christmas decorations sound more like a chore right now than a joy! But, after seeing these simple decorating ideas, I have a whole new attitude! I think by keeping it simple, Christmas decorations can be beautiful yet calming at the same time, and who couldn't use a little bit of PEACE during the holidays? Check out these "Less is more" ideas.

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I am definitely going for with silver and white this year. It just looks so clean and refreshing! Love these simple white candles with the sliver accents.

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We have a white tree, and every year we go RETRO with it with bright 60's colors. This year I am going this route. White tree with silver accessories!

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Same idea but with a green tree. Just as pretty, and I am in LOVE with the faux fur tree skirt!

Simple, effective and adorable! 

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This simple green wreath is gorgeous! You can get the same effect with an evergreen wreath. No need for bells, bows and whistles!

 And NEVER underestimate the power of a simple bowl of pine cones!

Happy Decorating!


Lucent Imagery said...

OH yes I totally agree with going with simplicity. For me, it will be fairy lights, flowers and lots of fresh food in bowls! Sending you hugs for your week. x

Lea said...

Love the flowers and fresh food! Pics please! Have a wonderful week yourself. ( :

Ashley said...

Such wonderful holiday inspiration! I'm feeling the same way this year- silver colors and simplicity!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

absolutely stunning. love the white/silver!

Heather said...

our tree is sitting undecorated in the corner of the living room waiting for someone to finish learning music for a certain christmas show... ! all the christmas music has me in the mood to decorate but no time yet! i may put some ornaments in some candle holders in the meantime- thanks for the idea!

Lea said...

Heather you crack me up! You are going to be a HUGE asset to the show. Don't let Mike make you nervous! LOL!