Happy New Year!

What are you doing this New Years Eve? 
Whether you are throwing a party, attending a party, or having a quiet evening at home, have fun by keeping it simple, yet glamorous! 

RULE #1 
Even if you aren't hitting an elaborate soiree, dress to the nines! This dress was only $49.50 HERE!

If you are throwing a party, don't forget to decorate! This look was achieved HERE by draping mirrored garland and white twinkle lights together! Simple, beautiful and effective!

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Don't forget the hats, blowers and noise makers! My husband plays a huge event every New Years Eve  with dinner, dancing and endless champagne, but what do the guests care about the most? Those hats, blowers and noise makers!


Keep the champagne flowing! Everyone equates bubbly champagne with New Years Eve, so have plenty on hand.

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Light sparklers right before the clock strikes midnight, and have everyone make a New Years resolution!


No matter how good or bad the past has been, remember to have fun because The Best is yet to Come! 
Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2012!


I am Megan said...

Rule number two is awesome! It is so simple and easy! I will keep it in my mind when I have to decorate something...

Nadine said...

How lovely and PERFECT are those tipps? I love the mirror lights and the dress. Iiiiiiiks !!

xoxo Nadine