My Weekend

The temperature has dropped here in Orlando, and I am really enjoying the chilly weather! My weekend was relaxing but pretty uneventful. Actually, thats not true. I did have a few "special" visitors!

THE NUTS CAME OUT! Now that Halloween's over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it was time for me to fill our bamboo platter with nuts. Shells and all, It's something my mom used to do that really reminds me of the holidays. It sits on our coffee table and there is nothing quite like cracking a nut yourself!

JAKE HAD A PLAY DATE! My husband found this sweet white pup running around in traffic at a busy intersection! He brought her home to safety, and Jake had a buddy to run around the backyard with while we tried to locate her owner. Thankfully, she had a collar with tags, so we were able to reunite "Abby" with her frantic owner. Yay for happy endings!

CHILLED ON THE COUCH, watching movies (About Schmidt, Beginners) and read the new Victoria's Secret Holiday issue.  Speaking of Victoria's Secret, I went and picked up my latest......

FREE PANTIES! And lastly, those visitors I was talking about????

LAURAL AND HARDY stopped by for cheese and crackers! That's actually my husband and his best friend Jamie. Years ago, they played Laural and Hardy at Universal Studios. They still do it from time to time for a special event. Made me feel like I was in Vaudeville for the day!
Have a great week everyone!


Ashley said...

I love the platter of nuts! Such a simple, yet festive way to decorate for the season :) Your husband and his best friend are hilarious!

Lucent Imagery said...

Those panties are CUTE! Such a lovely recap of your weekend. I'm especially pleased to read of your generous spirit in helping Abby be reunited with her owner. I get so upset when dogs are roaming the streets. It looks like Moo Goo ships to USA from their online store. If you're still interested, let me know and I'll give you an update on the products in a few weeks. xx

Lea said...

Yes, yes, yes! Let me know how the Moo Goo continues to work for you! I really appreciate it! ( :

Bon Bon said...

Fun AND unique weekend:-) Laurel and Hardy in 2011, how cool! xoxo