Most Thankful

I know, I know....... Thanksgiving is over. But, as we move into the Holiday season, I can't help but reflect on what I was MOST thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

Sure, the food was DELICIOUS.....

So was the wine......

But what I'm MOST thankful for is my nephew

Will was born 2 years ago ON Thanksgiving! I mean how could you not be thankful for that?! He was 6 weeks early, but is a strong, happy and healthy 2 year old who loves trucks, choo choo trains, and football. I may be bias, but I happen to think he is the cutest, and smartest kid in the world, and I can't wait until he is a little bit older so I can be the "COOL" Aunt who takes him to Disney World! Happy Birthday Will! I am so thankful for YOU!
 Auntie Lea

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Lucent Imagery said...

Oh he is very cute! The photo of him in the red jumper looks like he knows something we don't! I have a couple of friends whose kids are "nieces and nephews" and I hope we'll be the cool aunt and uncle as they grow up! I too am thankful for your friendship Lea. I look forward to the day we sit down and enjoy good food together. Love that we share our love of our "boys" in common! x