Light My Fire

I'll admit it. I am a serial candle burner! I've gone through more of those long Durflame lighters than I can count! I was in Target a few weeks ago and came across these long wood Duraflame matches! I was immediately drawn to the different colorful printed boxes. It brought me right back to childhood, where my parents had a blue and white box of these long matches by our fireplace. I grabbed a box of the zebra print ($1.99  by the way) and headed home. I am now in LOVE with these matches. There is nothing like the strike of a REAL wooden match and the wood burning smell when it's blown out. Not to mention, if I am trying to be environmentally friendly, do I really need to be putting butane into the air? So, I went back to Target and bought a few more boxes, because they are just too cute not to have all over the house!

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