Style Wisdom

There are a lot of people out there with deep pockets, who have fashionable clothes, yet no style! Thing about it. It's not that hard to simply walk into a store with unlimited funds and shop. I for one couldn't imagine. I mean, where's the challenge in that? Half the fun for me, is the thrill of the find. Whether rich or poor, when it comes to style the most important thing is confidence and knowing YOUR body. Forget about the latests fads and trends. No one really looks good in skinny jeans unless they are literally super skinny and hip-less, and just because it's expensive does not mean it looks good on you! Your style should say something about your personality. If you're fun, dress fun, and pay attention to your positives. If you have great legs, show them off! And ALWAYS remember........ Less is more!

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Anonymous said...

You'll have to clue me in to some of your favorite stores! I know you always have great finds! - Karina