Riding a dream

Photo found HERE

Every Friday I like to post something dreamy. This is one of MY dreams! Growing up I rode horses until there came a time I had to choose between riding and dancing. It was a tough decision but dancing was my ultimate passion, so that's what I chose. Since then I've had moments where I've had the opportunity to ride again. I have been lucky enough to ride through the forests of Lake Tahoe, the rain forests of Costa Rica, on the beaches of Mexico and through the desert in Jordan Egypt. I feel blessed, but it's been years. When I see this picture I can't imagine anything more dreamy than riding this beautiful horse through that beautiful water. Pure paradise! What dream would you like to revisit?  


Mara Shorr said...

Love this photo! I bought a GroupOn to go riding a few weeks ago, and actually had a dream about it last night. I need to go ahead and schedule that date for Russ and I!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

That sounds amazing, I would love to do this!

Lea said...

Mara! That is sooooo cool! Let me know how it is. I want to go!