Home Sweet Home

This past weekend I went home for my 20th high school reunion! I'm from New Jersey, (no comments please) and was not only thrilled to see everyone, but was also in complete awe of where I grew up! Okay, I admit it. I completely took my childhood for granted! I lived in a beautiful little town called Mountain Lakes, surrounded by woods and 6 man-made lakes where we swam in the summer and ice skated in the winter. There was no crime, unless you want to call a bunch of kids partying at one of the large stucco's in town a crime. I DID get driven home by the Mountain Lakes police once for pool hopping at the Mtn. Lakes Country Club! Pretty badass I know! No one really locked their doors, and we didn't even lock our lockers at school. Apparently they still don't! I only had 88 students in my graduation class and our high school was ranked one of the top in the state. The biggest thing we had to worry about were grades and where the next party was, yet I STILL thought my life was hard! Thanks mom and dad for moving us to such a beautiful and safe town for our childhood, and thank you to the class of '91 for such a fun weekend full of good food, drinks and laughter! Go Lakers!

Screwing around on Mountain Lake (largest lake).

House I grew up in!
Some of the Class of '91!

These canoes aren't even locked up!
My boys walking around Birchwood Lake.


Lucent Imagery said...

Beautiful photos! I love that both your boys came with you on the trip. I have a human husband and four legged boy as my family too. Love them to the max. Wow, doesn't time fly. I left school 13 years ago and can't believe that the 10 year reunion was already 3 years ago. Everyone looks great in your photos! Lovely thoughts from childhood also. I remember being able to play on our quiet street all day and maybe only one car would come down the hill. Of course whoever was driving that car came slowly and gave us kids plenty of room.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Where you grew up is so picturesque! Glad you had a fun reunion weekend!

Lea said...

Thank you. Times certainly have changed. I feel sorry for kids now. They can't even play outside without the worry of being kidnapped! Sad. ) :