Hats and Heros

My weekend was a fun and inspiring, one of my favorite combinations! My husband performs every year with his 18 piece big band for a charity called Kids Beating Cancer. This year the event was titled Hats and Heros with a Super Hero themeIt's a glamourous night of dinner and dancing, but also a night to raise as much money as possible to help childen with cancer. During the evening you meet and hear inspiring stories from children who have beat the disease. It's such a great cause and you leave feeling inspired to help.
Superman with 5 kids who BEAT Cancer! Thats my honey conducting in the back. He also made that huge lit up "H" and the set!
Michael and The Atomic Big Band
Great friends=Great evening for a Great cause!

To find out how to help, contact KIDS BEATING CANCER!

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Bravoe Runway said...

What a wonderful cause! I've not been to a black tie in years but I think it may be time for me to go :)