Photo L.Andrew

This is one of my all time favorite sayings! How many times in life have you been disappointed? You didn't get the job you know you deserved, someone betrayed you in some way, or things just simply didn't turn out the way you had hoped. Many people become angry and bitter. Well...... DON'T! There is no better revenge than success! When you fill yourself with anger, you are only hurting yourself. Become a better YOU, and success WILL follow. Remember, things DO always turn out as they should. Happy Hump day everyone!


Lucent Imagery said...

Beautifully said! My goal is to not be so hurt when friends stop acting like it for no reason caused by me. Also, you asked what kind of puppy I showed last week. She's a Groodle which is golden retriever x poodle. So cute. Do you have them there? Do you call them something else?

Lea said...

I think we do have them but we call them goldendoodles! Such crazy yet adorable breeds they are inventing now!