My Virgo Day

This weekend was my Birthday! Since Mike and I both have Virgo birthdays, this year we decided to take a little birthday vacation to Vero Beach (stay tuned) and keep the actual day of our birthdays pretty low key! Low key and I are best friends, so that was fine for me! My day started off pretty perfect. Flowers and breakfast in bed from my husband. Note to all men: women LOVE flowers, and they LOVE breakfast in bed. You cannot go wrong with these two ideas. Thanks honey!

The rest of the day entailed chilling out, shopping with a gift certificate from my mother in-law and dinner and cake (at home) with my two best buddies Mike and Jakey!
Ice coffee with an umbrella and flowered straw because... why not? It's a celebration right?
Jakey was the ultimate sport to pose for this pic!
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting= Yum!

Shopping with a gift certificate is the absolute best! I got all of this........ a faux fur vest, chic flairs and 5 new pair of sexy undies and I still have $$$$$ left over! Thanks Ginny!

My birthday gift from Mike didn't arrive on time ) : but I know what it is and I CAN"T WAIT! It's going to be one of my future blog entries that I think everyone will really like. Stay tuned and have a great week!


Janae said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday on FB! I hope you had an awesome birthday! It sure sounds like you did!

Lea said...

Thank you Janae! You are sweet!