Michaels Birthday

Happy Birthday to my incredible husband and best friend!
My husbands Birthday was this weekend, and since he always does something special and creative for MY birthday I wanted to do the same for him. He was in San Jose and not flying home until the night of his Birthday, so it gave me plenty of time to get together a few surprises!

Isn't he handsome? I know! ( :
I decorated his desk (where he spends most of his life) with balloons, crepe paper and presents!

Since my husband is a Mac Addict, I decided to make him a little edible surprise.


An iphone menu! I'm no artist, but I thought they came out pretty good! Tip: You can get fondant already made in an assortment of colors at Michaels. 

Jake had a bath and carefully supervised cupcake making!

Happy Birthday honey! We LOVE you! XOXO


courtneyricole said...

You and Mike are so creative!!! I love it!!! :)

Tucker said...

holy cow lea those cupcakes are amazing. i couldn't even attempt such a thing! what a fun birthday for him (:

Stephanie said...

Oh my, the iphone cupcakes are amazing! What a great idea!

Lea said...

Thanks everyone!

Suz said...

Lea, way to set the bar high for the rest of us untalented wives! =) Clearly Amy and Bonnie aren't the only food artists in the family!

Nicole Marie said...

way to go on the cupcakes!!

Janae said...

What fun surprises! Love the cupcakes! That must have taken a lot of time and patience, but you are a wonderful wife for showing such care and love!