Goodbye.... Hello!

Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship, job, or situation? It can be hard to walk away right? Fear comes into the picture and you think....... what if I don't find anyone else? What if I can't get another job? What if, what if? I think the above quote by Paulo Coelbo says it best. The universe really will take care of you if you can just TRUST in it. I'm sure if you look back on an unhealthy situation you managed to get out of, you were rewarded right? Think about it. Just when you think your life is over, if you can walk away, you will find that your life is just beginning. Remember you deserve to be happy. Everyone does!  

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Lucent Imagery said...

I currently find myself with a couple of unhealthy friendships around me. My goal is to learn how to not be so hurt by the cruel or unthoughtful actions of others. Over the years I have let a few friendships slide when they weren't positive, but letting go of the hurt is the next step. After all, I do have very special treasured friendships around me despite those nasty folk! Hope you are well, blogger friend!