Gavins Day!

Happy Birthday to my brother Gavin who is not only the smartest person I know (literally), but also the kindest person I know. Many people could take lessons from him. He's a good listener, never interrupts, is great with kids and animals and doesn't mind not being the center of attention. He actually would prefer not to be! How refreshing is that right?! This is my all time favorite picture of us! See why below.

We're dancing. I mean how cool right? He certainly looks like a little Nureyev here. If I tried to dance with him now he'd probably think I was nuts and tell me to get of! Glad someone captured this moment!
My bathing suit. Really? I must say I thought I looked fab in this little number! Pink barrettes to match. Thanks mom.
The avocado green "Duster" behind us is just so 70's classic!


We have a traditional birthday gift we give each other every year. We both LOVE coffee, so every year we try to find a new coffee to send each other on our birthdays. It's a fun idea AND it doesn't cost a lot. I always look forward to his choices. He is much more resourceful than me!



Anonymous said...

New favorite post! ❤

courtneyricole said...

I love that picture! GREAT!