Chillin' is very important to me. I spend a lot of time in my house, so I need to be as comfortable as possible. Do you have a place where you unwind? My chill place is a cozy room right off my kitchen. I light candles, watch TV, read, blog, and work on choreography in that room. It's basically the center of my Universe! Everyone should have a room where they can chill with friends or go off and be alone. Do you have a chill room? Here are a few rooms that I think are chill worthy!

I Love this room. It's cozy and clean with simple creams and whites.

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There's something about this room that brings me back to my teenage years. This is a teenaged girls dream bedroom! Hell! It's a grown up girls dream bedroom! Music, books and a great view? I'll take it!
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If I had an attic, this is exactly what I would do with it. I LOVE the simplicity! I would chill here all the time!
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I've always wanted an outside chill room. This one looks perfect!
Have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to chill.

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Nicole Marie said...

oh yes please i would like that outdoor chill zone :)