Photo Lea Andrew
Do you drink water out of plastic bottles? If so, DON'T! I have a phobia of plastic going into my body. I believe plastics are causing cancer, which is why my husband and I only drink VOSS Artesian water from Norway. VOSS seems to be the only water I can find that sells their water in glass bottles. It's not the cheapest water you will find, but I buy them in packs of four, and reuse the bottles. I refill them with water from my Brita and toss them in the dishwasher from time to time. Not only is water in glass containers healthier for you, but it is also healthier for the environment. We all need to do our part. If people start boycotting plastic bottles, more and more companies will start selling their products in glass bottles too! 


Chelsea Coleen said...

they hold so many germs! i hear ya girl!

courtneyricole said...

Why do you prefer glass bottles over the reusable stainless steel bottles?

Lea said...

The stainless steel bottles have a sort of metallic taste to me.