A treasure trove

Do you have a treasure chest? I do. Mine is a purple (my favorite color) cigar box my husband bought me years ago. It holds little treasures, dreams, and inspiration in it. I can't display them all, because I am pretty superstitious and some are secrets! My most treasured are notes or cards people have written me in the past full of love and gratitude that I can refer to from time to time when I'm feeling a little down. I think everyone should have a box full of  treasures, and treasures around their home. Anything that brings positive energy will do. The buddha above sits on a shelf in my guest room to look over my guests. The starfish live on the mantle in the guest room too!

  • The glass bottle spilling with the tiny seaglass A.K.A Mermaids tears, was given to me by my mom as a gift from the oceans of Maine. According to legend..... only the tiniest of pieces of seaglass, are referred to as.... mermaids' tears.
  • The wishbone my husband and I split perfectly in half! (Must mean something right?)
  • A red glass heart a random women gave me in a restaurant the night I we got engaged.
  • Angel cards (also a gift from my mom) displaying inspirational words on each.
What are some of your treasures???


Little Rus said...

Oh I have a box, too! Mine isn't glamourous at all, it's just a cookie box, but I've got those cooking from my mum-in-law just after I moved counties... She passed away a couple of years later, so the box is like a memory... x

Lea said...

That is special. Love it!

Lucent Imagery said...

My grandmother has had those exact angel cards for about 15 years. Whenever she stayed with us, she had them. Now every time I visit her I pull out 3 angel cards. Isn't it amazing that they are obviously available around the world? Such sweet memories they bring back to me...