Travel Stash

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Do you travel? I feel blessed that I have been fortunate enough to travel the world doing what I love. Straight out of college I started dancing on cruiseships and I have seen most of the world that way. My dad had a map like the one above and kept track of all my journeys! With this crazy economy, I know money is tight, but I think everyone should save up a little travel stash each year to take a wonderful trip. Think about it. If you put away just $20. a week, at the end of the year you will have $960. to take a fabulous trip somewhere! Thats nothing when you think about all the pointless things you drop twenty bucks on! 
Traveling is good for the soul and you will learn much more about life and culture by taking a trip than in any classroom! So start that travel stash now. Will you be eating a baguette in Paris? Sipping a nice red while being serenaded in a gondola in Venice? Riding a camel in Egypt? Taking a safari in Africa? Holding a koala in the outback? Or sunning yourself in one of my favorite places Bora Bora?! The possibilities are endless. ✈

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