Simply tousled

Oh how I love the effortless tousled hair look. The I'm not trying to hard hippie chic style that should be simple right? The problem? It's not! I've tried numerous ways to achieve it. Curling irons, hair products, braiding my hair while damp, twisting my hair while damp etc. etc. Somehow mine always ends up looking dried out, flat on the top or just like I didn't brush it! So............ I am on a quest to achieve the PERFECT yet simple tousled hair! Check back to find out how and feel free to pass on the secret if you have it. Remember..... It MUST be simple. Happy Monday!


Maria Riazzoli said...

oohh I love that look too!! Happy Monday! : )

Mara Shorr said...

Love it! Another blog I follow posted this, although admittedly, but hair is too short right now to try it with my current large straightener. Perhaps it'll work for you?