Doing nothing

I love these words of wisdom by Lin Yutang. I couldn't agree more! I am perplexed by people who have to be busy doing something at every moment of the day. I personally can't think of anything more exhausting! To me there is nothing better than chilling out and doing nothing. I used to think I was weird, but now I cherish those moments! I love to sit alone and read, watch a movie or just think. I can't figure out why it's such a struggle for some people. Could it be that people don't like being with themselves? Are they afraid they're missing something? I think we could all stand to SLOW down and enjoy doing nothing more. 


Tucker said...

oh i love learning to live slow. i do believe it will take my lifetime though (:

Yelena Starikova said...

Reading is my favorite retreat and cup of coffee in the beautiful morning is delightful!!

Warm Wishes,