BEST accessory a girl can own

I am amazed at the amount of beautiful young women who don't know their worth. Something is going on in our society that is making women think they're not good enough. Being that I'm happily married, friends will often ask me advice on dating. The #1 problem I repeatedly see, is a lack of confidence! Someone will ask me,"Do you think he likes me? Do you think he'll call?" It drives me CRAZY! I always answer,"How about.......... do YOU like HIM? Will YOU accept HIS call?"
I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to dating. I don't think girls should chase OR call boys! Lets face it...... desperation is a huge turnoff! I also don't think girls should "give it up" too soon, and I believe in a two drink limit when dating. Unless you're a hardcore drinker (which is pretty unattractive anyway) believe me, you don't need another. After two drinks people either start acting too emotional or sloppy!
But my biggest advice is to BE CONFIDENT! Confidence is sexy! whether you are looking for a mate or even a job, confidence will get you far. So love yourself and be confident!
♥ Lea