The Ballerina Project

I came across a series of photos by a photographer named Dane Shitagi. The combination of beautiful ballerina's and New York City struck me immediately! I couldn't believe my eyes! After a little research, I discovered The Ballerina Project. Many of you may have heard of it. Being a dancer myself, I just had to blog about Dane's incredible work.

This photo is particularly special to me. I waited and rode the subway from this 181st Street stop for almost 8 years!

Dane Shitagi crafted over the span of 10 years the Ballerina Project. It is not "dance photography," but an etching of a ballerina's heart and emotions. The project has been photographed entirely on traditional photographic film and not with modern digital cameras.  The majority of ballerina's who posed for the project are professional dancers and the minority are advanced ballet students from renown dance schools. Check out to see more and to even purchase one of these breathtaking photos!


Brunch at Saks said...

What stunning photos! I love the last one especially! Happy Friday to you :) xx

mina said...

these are amazing images. what a creative project.

Rebecca Sunshine said...
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