Orange Blossom

I have 2 of the most beautiful orange blossom trees along side my driveway. The minute I pull up and exit my car, I am greeted by this fragrant white flower. It has a light, citrusy, sweet smell and today I couldn't resist clipping off a few branches to decorate and permeate my office!

It's no surprise that the orange blossom is a bee's dream flower! Thankfully this little guy left me alone while I clipped.

On my desk! My office is now a much happier place! Total cost? Zero dollars!
Be resourceful. Go pick some flowers in your own yard!

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Suz said...

Hi Lea, it is funny that you posted this because I have recently fallen in love with the scent of orange blossoms too.

I tried Penhaligon's Orange Blossom fragrance and was hooked. Far more expensive than cutting your own blossoms!