Green with envy

A few of my current FAV'S!
  1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Okay, so it's not really a current fav. It's more like a lifetime fav! I try to stray and experiment with different mascara's, but I always return to my faithful Maybelline Great Lash! Can't quite explain why it's the best. A friend of mine who used to model, said all the makeup artists had a lot of expensive makeup but never went without THIS mascara!
  2. Emerald green and gold costume jewelry earrings. My current fav's from a vintage store. $10!
  3. YES to soothing cucumber facial towelettes. THESE wipes are my most current fav! I've been buying facial wipes for years. I was always looking for a quick and easy waterless way to wash off makeup after shows. I've tried every brand. Neutrogena, Dove, generic brands, you name it. The ONE problem with them all? Greasy, greasy! Who wants to wash there face and then feel like it needs to be washed. Whats the point? Then I found these new wipes in Walgreens, by a company called YESto. See website HERE. YESto has many skin and haircare products made with high quality organic fruits and vegetables, which is perfect because I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to be gorgeously green! Check them out!

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Punctuation Mark said...

i love those towelettes!!! have a great week!