Follow the money trail

It's not a secret that I LOVE vintage/thrift stores! I popped into my favorite (Dechos) the other day and found this black (feels like butter) leather wallet. It was only $8.99 but I was having one of those "do I really need this?" days! Well....I relented, handed the girl my $$$$$ and headed home with my new fabulous wallet! But when I got home, I opened it up to start moving into it, and I saw this!

Two thoughts came to my mind.  First I thought....... how did someone miss this? And second I thought....... AWESOME! Free $$$$$$! My thinking? I am now 3 dollars richer, so my wallet was really just $6. not $8! Then I looked closer and saw this!

The top dollar bills says Happy 2000, and the one underneath says Happy New Year 2001! I suddenly started thinking about the person who owned this wallet. Those weren't just any dollar bills. Those bills might have some meaning! I am now on a quest to find the keeper of that wallet! I want to get those dollar bills back to their owner! Who knows? Maybe they have no real significance, and maybe the owner won't even want them back, but I know one thing for sure. It'll be a fun adventure! Stay tuned!

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