White dinnerware


When I was getting married I remember going to register and feeling a bit overwhelmed at the selection! I was also appalled at the price of a fancy schmancy china place setting! I mean come on! I certainly wasn't trying to impress anyone, and patterns aren't really my thing anyway. I am a "less is more" person right? Not to mention, I would KILL someone if they broke one of my $100.00 fancy schmancy china plates! Then I remembered something my mom always said. White is classic, never goes out of style and food looks best displayed on a simple white plate. So I opted to register for "white" dinnerware from Crate and Barrel and I am so happy I did! I don't JUST use if for special occasion dinner parties, AND it can go right in the dishwasher. Love it!

You know what's great about having white dinnerware? You can mix and match random white pieces and they'll always match. I had a wedding guest give me 2 large white serving platters that I love and use all the time!


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