Weekend Warrior

I felt like a "Weekend Warrior" this weekend! In-spite of all the work I had to get done, I STILL managed to have a nice date night with my husband which consisted of dinner and a FABULOUS movie. 

HILLSTONE restaurant (formally HOUSTON'S) is our favorite restaurant in Orlando. Why?
  • They have the BEST smoked salmon appetizer you will ever have.
  • The atmosphere is romantic.
  • The restaurant sits on a large lake and you can choose to sit outside if you desire. Check out the quaint dock you can reserve for small parties!
  • They have live jazz on the weekends.
  • It's not over the top expensive, and you will NEVER have a bad meal! Seriously!
We always start with the salmon appetizer. I had the ribs (see above) and Michael had the pan fried fish. Okay, a few vodka's too! Believe it or not, this restaurant is a chain. If you live in NYC, Dallas, Boston, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix, Coral Gables or Denver you can enjoy it too!

Photo courtesy of Filmofilia.com

Next we headed to the theatre to see Midnight in Paris. All I can say is thumbs up! Written and directed by Woody Allen, we knew this film would not disappoint, not to mention I can sit through ANYTHING filmed in Paris! Check out the all-star cast! I won't tell you what it's about but it's a MUST SEE in my book. And finally.........
I managed to wake up early Sunday morning to make my husband his FAVORITE breakfast. Pancakes topped with 2 eggs over easy! Ahhhhh.... what a feeling of accomplishment! What did you do this weekend? Happy Monday everyone!

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Ashley said...

I have been wanting to see Midnight in Paris! I'm the same way, anything set in Paris and I'm sold!