Vanilla Bean Scones

Let me introduce you to one of my husbands FAVORITE treats. Homemade vanilla bean scones! Okay, so they're not EXACTLY made from scratch, but with a little help from Archer Farms I DO bake them in my own home. They seriously couldn't be easier. All you need is the mix, and a cup of heavy whipping cream. Follow directions on the back of the box and you have a mouth watering treat!

You can find Archer Farms vanilla bean scone mix at any Target Store.
 Each box makes 8 scones so they are great for company. I Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We are such fans, that I make a fresh batch at the beginning of every week. Try them alone or with a cup of coffee or cappuccino. Let me know what you think!


Nicole Marie said...

they look sooo good!!

Ashley said...

I used to work in a little cafe and make scones all the time! I'll definitely have to give these a shot!