Happy Monday everyone! This little Monday quote makes me feel much better about the day. No, I did not write it, but thought it was pretty cool that someone named Leah did. I photoshopped out the "H" and tada! Now? Time to start my crazy week. I spend my life making "To do lists!" It's really the only way I can stay organized. I figured Monday was the best day for this post so everyone could remember to make their list. I make one at the beginning of each week, and feel so accomplished at the end of the week if I manage to cross off a majority of my "to do's." Wouldn't it be nice to have the list below? What's on your "to do list?"


  1. Choreograph (my brain is currently fried)!
  2. Buy groceries
  3. Shop for new carpet. (This one is stressful and expensive)!
  4. Call everyone back I need to call back!
  5. Movie and dinner out with my husband (I think I can accomplish this one)!
  6. Laundry
  7. Mail thank you card
  8. Pay quarterly tax. (This ones just annoying)!
  9. Take car into shop
  10. Clean. (This is on my to do list every week)!

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Nicole Marie said...

i want that to do list!