Never underestimate the power of a simple braid!  Braids are timeless. They never seem to go out of style and are so versatile. There are inside braids, outside braids, french braids and the infamous fishbone braid! Most girls learn how to make a braid at a very young age. I know I did, and when I learned how to make a "French braid," I really thought I was the deal!

I love this braided style. I wear my hair like this a lot. It keeps the hair out of your face and it's very "hippie chic!" To achieve this look you simply french braid the front.

This is beautiful! You would either need really long hair, or hair extentions for this one! Make a long braid on each side, wrap around your head and pin. The first picture would be done the same way. I haven't had hair long enough to do this since I was a kid but I love it!

Finally, corn rows in the picture on the left (french braids from front to back in different sections) and a fishbone braid in the picture on the right. I think the fishbone braid is so cool looking. I learned how to braid one once, but can't remember. I am determined to learn again! For directions see here


Amy said...

I'll teach you! I'm loving the blog. Keep it up=)

Ashley said...

I need to perfect my braiding skills. I'm working on mastering the fishtail for summer!