Radish, Celery & Apple salad

 I came across this recipe on Sevenspoons.net and varied it a bit. One word...... DELICIOUS! I am always trying to find new and healthy recipes that are EASY! Many people think that eating healthy is too much work so I am here to disprove that theory! For this plate of salad I used.....

~2 Radishes (sliced thin)
~1 stalk of celery (sliced thin)
~1/2 of a Rome apple (use any sweet apple, sliced thin)
~2 Basil leaves (stems removed, chopped)
~Salt and Pepper
~Extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice
~a few crumbles of parmesan reggiano

In a medium bowl, toss together radishes, apple, celery and basil. Add salt and pepper, then dress with equal parts olive oil and lemon juice. Toss gently until well coated and finish off with a few crumbles of parmesan reggiano or any other cheese you prefer! Simply double or triple recipe depending on the number of people. Couldn't be easier, healthier or more yummy!

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