Shoe Decor

Too many beautiful shoes and not enough closet space? How cute is this simple idea I found HERE! Just buy a few pieces of decorative molding, paint them the color of your choice ( I LOVE the turquoise pictured) and hang. I see this idea being especially useful in a tiny cramped apartment. Living in NYC for 8 years, I know first hand how non-existant closet space can be! Choose your prettiest pairs to display. Not only is this idea functional, but it's also decorative! Genius!


Lucent Imagery said...

Testing! Having problems commenting on blogger today. Sending you an email in case it didn't work. xx

Lea said...

Got it, and got it! Thank you for your sweet email. ( : Made me smile too!

Emily said...

Oh, love this. So pretty. :)

LV said...

This is a brilliant way to display shoes. I love it1