Your Story

Isn't that the truth? How many times have YOU let someone else be in charge of your own destiny? YOU are in charge of your life. Don't let anyone control you OR your life. So many times we let other people (parents, friends, mates) influence our lives and we forget about what WE want. Are you guilty of being a people pleaser? Please yourself first, but don't be confused. This doesn't mean to only be out for yourself. There is nothing worse than that. Just remember to follow YOUR dreams, because YOU are the star of your own show! Have a great day everyone!


Little Rus said...

It's all about balance - sometimes a tiny push from other people can help, but over all I also believe that one needs to listen to herself because we know ourselves better than anyone else. Plus it makes us happier, which means we can pass the happy feeling to other people, too. x

Lea said...

You are right! A tiny push is needed at times. Especially for a procrastinator! As long as it's what THEY want. Happy Friday!

A. Humbled Monkey said...

thanks for this lea! just what i needed to read today!!! xxoo